About me

img_2783My name is Cassandra, a 30-year old Filipino expat living in the UAE.

I’m not smart. I’m not talented. Nor do I have the potential to be a writer.This blog site is merely a reflection of what I see in life. How I see life.I capture magical moments in some days.I write what I feel about some bits and pieces of life.I write not to impress. But I write to definitely express. Nothing more, nothing less.I write not to show the whole world that I am that smart one who always have something to say. Who has an opinion that always matter.

I’ll say what I feel I got to say. The world is a rough place, but I always try to find something to laugh or smile about. I hope you do too.

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 4.34.42 PM

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. It is interesting because I just read an article about writing. there is what you call genius and being a good writer. We all can be good writers. The secret? We just have to write, write and and write. At the same time, we have to live, live and live because that is the fuel of our writing.

    So my friend, keep it up. We are humans, because we are gifted to express ourselves.

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