Lamentasyon: OFW Pride and Story

LamentasyonLamentasyon (Lamentation), meaning the passionate expression of grief or sorrow; weeping.

The word might have a very deep meaning, but for me, it is more than just a word of sorrow. It is a word of pride as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), in other word, an expat specifically in UAE.

Lamentasyon is a full-length feature film of a full-house Filipino expats in UAE. the film is inspired by the psychological impact of working away from family, Lamentasyon looks into the common problems faced by most OFWs in the UAE. However, it casts a spotlight on these challenges from a different angle, as it explores the conflicts and struggles experienced by OFWs by looking at their psychological impact. (Made in UAE Filipino film set to make waves , Gulf News)

Take time to remind yourself that being an OFW away from our families is actually more than just our balikbayan boxes or the money we send every now and then. It is also having to be sick with no one  having the take care of us. Having to spend our birthdays away from you, even being jealous of all of you celebrating special occasions together with us being away. You can so-little understand that we go through our own struggles and that we have to keep them all from you to not make you worry about us. Yet, do not forget that despite all the hardships we face away from you, physically, mentally and emotionally, the happiness and fulfillment we feel knowing that we are able to provide for you will always be priceless.  

Social media platforms tend to be a temporary escape of most OFWs showing that they are having the time of their lives or “living the life” away from home. What most people don’t see is the reality, the struggle and the pain each of us are really feeling and going through. Let this film be the key for you to open your eyes and see the reality.

Lamentasyon releases in the UAE on December 6, 20:00 at Vox Cinemas, City Centre Deira.


I salute all my fellow OFWs for being strong enough to be where you are right now, of course, to my fellow OFWs who are involved in this film. Congratulations!

Mistake in a SNAP











it happened to me!

I got locked out of my own snapchat account. Why?

I’m going to tell you a straight up answer just not to put you into a massive boredom.

I got locked out of my own snapchat account because I bought this application from app store called snap upload. Snap upload is supposedly a good application for people like me who is into social media (of course excluding the fact of being locked out of your account). It will allow you to upload photos & videmzl.altyzrpdos straight up from you camera roll, which of course snap chat doesn’t allow you to do so. However, you should be aware by now that these certain activity is currently unauthorized by snapchat developers. You might be able to download it for free which I also did in the first place but I decided to purchase the full version. You see, the free download that you can get will only give you 50 coins as initial credits, believe me, you wouldn’t want to know how much ads you had to watch to increase your coin counts.. One upload, one coin.

Eventually it was only in the later part of enjoying the app did the disappointment hit me. I got locked out of my snapchat account due to the fact that I did not even bother to check if this particular app is even authorized to be used for snap accounts. Actually, so far nothing is confirmed to have the authorization from snapchat to do these sort of uploading.

So I would suggest for you to forget about these kind of “third-party-apps”. Unless of course announced by the developer of snapchat.

Hope you won’t make the same purchase and mistake I have done with this 3rd-party app.



snapchat: iamcass

What you should know about being ONLINE!

0bdcfecIt’s not enough that you put your company profile on linkedin or create a page on facebook. Setting-up your twitter, instagram or youtube account is just a tiny slice of your beginning. Yes, everybody can do social media as it is. Probably most of us understand how it works. Most often than not, would only be according to ones own experience.

Common misconception about working on social media is that it is purely fun and easy. That you can sit and relax at the office and just make your brain work on what to post next. Let me speak on behalf of other social media practitioner. Yes, social media (i.e facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube, google_ linkedin etc) may sound so easy to handle, but it’s not, at least on business perspective. It isn’t taught in universities, where you can get a degree on. Yet, there’s way more things you have to learn in doing it, and when I say “doing it”, I mean doing it effectively. Dealing with your company’s social media is way harder than you think, because there’s more to it than just having online presence to support your website.

These are the things I think you have to keep in mind. Social media for your company;

  • Means, you being present on the online universe, but not in all social media channels. It’s not a requirement for you to have a profile in all social media channel you may know of. Decide, study and analyze which one of these could help you reach your market.
  • Is time consuming at least during the time that you’re venturing to this kind of universe. Simple as it may look like, to tell you the truth, it’s not. You have to constantly be active on it. In all necessary platforms. Your target market has to have that constant reminder to be much more aware as to who you are, what you do, what you have and where you are.
  • Requires constant creativity. Yup, 5 o’clock, time to drive home. Nope, it does not end there.

While it is clear that you have to be selling yourself (as a company) to the market, keep in mind that it’s not just through marketing yourself that matters to public. It’s how you cater to their interest, that would mean you, having humor or simply a “good morning” messages and so. Not only bo be remembered by what you offer but be remembered by your humor, inspiration and just by being human.

  • Not just about selling, creativity and humour. You have to have that kind of presence online that can also provide customer service.

These days, it’s not just the call center hotline that they try to raise their issues. Most of the time, they consider reaching out a company through facebook page or twitter. Of course, they would also expect a response from you addressing their concern. You wouldn’t want to upset them by having to post promotional stuff while they haven’t got any response from you regarding their complain. That would only give you a negative image.

  • Requires endless learning. Just like any other professions out there, dealing with social media would mean, you as a practitioner, to learn new things. Things that would allow you to execute your ideas efficiently and effectively. Trust me, the list is endless considering the culture of your target market and “the do’s and don’ts” and as I have said, the list goes on.

These are the things I have for now based on first hand experience. 🙂

Common Linkedin Misuse

(this article was taken from my linkedin profile)

What I am about to say in this article are not and will not be pertaining to a particular group of people, nor a certain age group and so on.
Probably, more than 50% of people who are using professional social media platform such as linkedin are are misusing it. They either do not know it’s sole purpose or they just don’t care / bother to know at all.

To some, social media will be social media. That whatever it is, it is bound to socialize with others over the cyber space. Yes, this is undeniably correct. BUT! Needless to say, they all have their specific purpose that they cater to.
How many times have you encountered a personal message asking for your number or to meet up without informing you their purpose? You know what I mean so I wouldn’t elaborate on that. Now, I’m not saying I get that all the time, but every single time I get these kind of message, it does annoy me. Why? I tend to use professional platforms such as this exactly how it should be used. I do not mingle nor exchange messages unless it has a PROFESSIONAL manner, purpose and approach.
As per the reply perspective, you only have two options. One is to ignore unwanted messages or two, well you can just respond in a respective & diplomatic way.
Why practice the same? Simple
-It would show your professionalism-It creates your credibility in which nobody else will benefit from it other than yourself


Treks to Social Media

Treks to Social Media
Treks to Social Media

Social media career / job (as what others will call it) is more than just being online most of time. Nor is it about just having access to internet 24/7.

Most of the people say that now-a-days, as the online media/marketing is vastly growing, everybody or anybody who is very much active in using social media platforms can do an effective social media. That anybody can be assigned into taking control of your company’s profile. Obviously, people who are thinking this way have very less understanding on the topic, better yet on the career itself.

While the fact does remain unchangeable, it is true that anybody can do social media, but not everybody can make an effective social media practitioner himself. You see, if you are involved in a your company’s social media efforts, being online most of the time is just normal and there’s a long list of must that you have to always keep in mind and practice most of the time. You have to be creative enough in thinking what your audience want to see on your page. Below are some of the things I prefer to keep in mind every single day that I have to emerge myself with the social media world;

  • Keep yourself updated and constantly educated of what’s hot and what’s new in the social media industry. (Learning does not end)
  • Despite the pressure and tension especially if there are issues that are being watched after, it is fun and exciting.
  • I have to be neutral in terms of understanding situation both clients / customers and the entity that you are representing
  • Always be ready to take action and do follow-ups by yourself (As much as possible, never let an issue go on for days without being addressed properly)
  • When posting something on a page / profile, we sometimes forget to double check for so many reasons, but as much as possible avoid MISTAKES and avoid editing errors after they have been posted. Audience can still see your edit history.
  • It’s not bad to sound smart on your posts but keep in mind that people prefer to see artworks, photos, videos and anything eye-catching
  • It is important to know the best times & days to post your contents
  • Being in social media requires endless contents.
  • Never hesitate to ask or confirm things that you need to address to your audience
  • It is important to also show people that your page is not just some “generic response” kind of page, make them feel that you do understand their sentiments

So there you go, these are the few that I was able to write, although my list does not just end there. I’d be adding some things from time to time. I am not a social media guru. I’m just trying my very best to be a responsible social media practitioner that I am.

Hope this somehow helps you out.

A goal of a nobody’s writing

Years ago out of amusement of a colleague’s (or was it of a professor’s) intellectual capacity to write about so much in his everyday I decided to try blogging myself. Although I didn’t fell in love with it like most of writers or enthusiasts would say, I have to admit it caught a huge part of my interest and creativity (at least I believe I do have a little sense of creativity).

Never knew the whole pros and cons or history or parts of blogging but then somehow I was able to come up with a few if not many sensible write-ups myself. Backgrounds of blogging had never for once came to my interest until this very day that I came across this book, Blogging for Dummies . It awakened my senses and allowed myself think deeper within me, what is really my goal in blogging? One thing is for sure though, I was not blogging to impress. I was blogging to speak. Then comes out what I feel is my goal why I do this.

My goal was to merely crystallize my thoughts by putting them all to writing. Just as Brian Tracy mentioned to if not all, at least in most of his “Self-help Audio Programs” I’ve gone through. I guess writing or blogging is just my peaceful way to speak out what I have and want to say. Peaceful as I call it because I know there is no way that anybody and I mean anybody could / would be able to rebut on my thoughts while on the process of finishing it. I feel like I have the whole 100% of my right to speak out regardless of what I say, how I say them or how I spell them out. 

I am a nobody, but in writing down my thoughts I become somebody, even in my own little universe.


Speak to _ _ press.

For the past years of my life that I’ve been writing and publishing the crappy things I write. The things I come up with either by stroking my pen on a piece of paper or tapping the letters on my laptop. Words not from my mind but from my heart. Probably one of the most perfect reason why I tend to make mistakes with the grammar or spelling.

It’s much easier to be yourself and say whatever your thoughts are than pretending you know everything under the sun.

I care less of what people think of what I say.
I care less of the things people may think about me because of what I say.
I speak to express and not to impress.