Sharing Grief, Sharing Lessons

I was never a basketball fan.

I don’t think I’ll ever be, not because I don’t like the sport, but just maybe it’s not for me. Despite of that I can’t help but be sadden by the news that broke the hearts of many for almost a week now. Nine precious lives taken too soon, 9 families lost too much.

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Ever since the news broke about Kobe’s chopper crashing, I can’t help but think how the families are doing? Not fine for sure. I know. I have been there, a moment of tragic loss. But believe me when I say, losing someone in a tragedy causes different pain. Extremely different. To all the families and people who are hurting right now because of this tragedy, God bless you. Hold on and this message is for you.

Everybody will tell you it will be okay.

Everybody will tell you that things happen for a reason.

Everybody will tell you that they are there for you.

But no one else will know the truth behind the pain aside from you and your family.

I know how it feels cause I have been there.

That’s miserable feeling of being torn apart inside and just always losing your breath not knowing what to do will always be after you will always seem like it will never end.

Don’t run, let it come to you, you don’t need to embrace it, you just have to face it.

Let all tears come out till you can’t cry anymore.

You’re only human and no one else can tell you to stop crying no matter how much they tap your back.

Crying it all out will eventually make you stronger, not now, but soon enough.

Know that your loved ones you just lost are looking after you. The love you have in your family is stronger than the pain you have now. This pain will never be temporary and so as the memory and the love you have for the family.

A lot had said to you to be strong, and it will always be close to impossible, but always remember you still have the rest of your family praying for you and with you, the ones who need you, while you gained your angels above you.

Don’t step away from your faith, instead come even closer. Breathe and hold on.
It’ll be hard, but be proud, your angels have accomplished their purpose in life and it’s time for them to accomplish their missions in heaven, that is to guide you and be your eternal angel.

Of most of the things I knew about Kobe based on what I am always seeing being talked about is that he was unique, he was strong and he had the will to make a change. He had the kindness in his heart and will forever live in the heart of those he inspired.

Treat every moment as if it’s the last. Love like there is no tomorrow.

Be the change and make a change.


Peace out!