If you forget everything


If you forget everything, I’ll pop up out of nowhere. Like now. And I’ll hit on you. You won’t be able to turn me down. We’ll start anew every day. Like permanent dating

If someone we value so much forgets most of the things you’ve gone through. Why give up reminding them how much those times that you cherish so much? Those times that thought you a lot to be a person that you are by now.

In reality, it takes more than courage to face that certain challenge there is in this movie. In reality it takes

  • LOVE for your partner and for yourself to help you start.
  • FAITH in God & in the love you have for the other person to take risks
  • HOPE for the relationship to get up after each failure
  • PATIENCE in waiting for you to attain the goal you have set.
  • then comes the COURAGE not to show how much you’re hurting. not to show how all that is happening is breaking you into pieces