Sharing Grief, Sharing Lessons

I was never a basketball fan.

I don’t think I’ll ever be, not because I don’t like the sport, but just maybe it’s not for me. Despite of that I can’t help but be sadden by the news that broke the hearts of many for almost a week now. Nine precious lives taken too soon, 9 families lost too much.

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 3.42.32 PM

Ever since the news broke about Kobe’s chopper crashing, I can’t help but think how the families are doing? Not fine for sure. I know. I have been there, a moment of tragic loss. But believe me when I say, losing someone in a tragedy causes different pain. Extremely different. To all the families and people who are hurting right now because of this tragedy, God bless you. Hold on and this message is for you.

Everybody will tell you it will be okay.

Everybody will tell you that things happen for a reason.

Everybody will tell you that they are there for you.

But no one else will know the truth behind the pain aside from you and your family.

I know how it feels cause I have been there.

That’s miserable feeling of being torn apart inside and just always losing your breath not knowing what to do will always be after you will always seem like it will never end.

Don’t run, let it come to you, you don’t need to embrace it, you just have to face it.

Let all tears come out till you can’t cry anymore.

You’re only human and no one else can tell you to stop crying no matter how much they tap your back.

Crying it all out will eventually make you stronger, not now, but soon enough.

Know that your loved ones you just lost are looking after you. The love you have in your family is stronger than the pain you have now. This pain will never be temporary and so as the memory and the love you have for the family.

A lot had said to you to be strong, and it will always be close to impossible, but always remember you still have the rest of your family praying for you and with you, the ones who need you, while you gained your angels above you.

Don’t step away from your faith, instead come even closer. Breathe and hold on.
It’ll be hard, but be proud, your angels have accomplished their purpose in life and it’s time for them to accomplish their missions in heaven, that is to guide you and be your eternal angel.

Of most of the things I knew about Kobe based on what I am always seeing being talked about is that he was unique, he was strong and he had the will to make a change. He had the kindness in his heart and will forever live in the heart of those he inspired.

Treat every moment as if it’s the last. Love like there is no tomorrow.

Be the change and make a change.


Peace out!



15844636_10212277958572443_648437786047928931_o.jpgI’ve done my fair share of goodbyes to 2016. Now it’s time for a new chapter of life. Hello 2017!!!

We’ve all stumbled and hit the bottom rock over the span of 2016. Hope you’ve decided to get up and give it another try, eventually learnings are meant to be received and every fall.

I’ve decided to start a new this year and I hope you do too. So, I have come across this thing on pinterest about having 30 days to be grateful for something. As I go through the list 30 things to be grateful for in 30 days, I told myself, “I don’t need this list”. Surely enough I don’t. Believe me, you don’t need it too.  You only have to decide for yourself. What are the things you can be grateful for in life? Most important question is, what are the things you can be GREAT in life?

Everyday, you can start by being grateful for is having another day to wake up and start a new. Be grateful that you have another day to correct your mistakes yesterday. Learn from every single one of them and do things in a much better way.

On the aspect of being GREAT, decision is yours. Who wouldn’t want to be great on something right? I mean, I do, I want to be a great person to start with. Be a better daughter or a better sister, to be a better friend, colleague or simply be a great ME.

As the new year starts, you don’t have to make a list of the things you want to change within yourself or your perspective in life. You only have to decide to accept yourself and make a better version of you.

God made you as you are, the perfect you.


Finding the way to Happiness

Whenever I have spare time to sit in front of my laptop, I search for reflective stuff or tips in life. I search for ways to live happier, I search for tips to be happy, and the search list goes on.

IMG_6508But then, just recently, I have received a gift from a colleague from India. It was a notebook. A mirrored notebook with matching pen. It was beautiful and it was stunning. I have never seen a notebook like this in my life.  As I open it, I found a touching message with a hope that I write more inspirational things this year and it made me smile. It made my heart happy knowing that there really are people who find the things I write as “Inspiring” so to say. As I close the notebook, I again saw my face in the mirror attached to it’s cover. This time I saw myself smiling much more because of those words written on the first page. Then a thought just came across my head that this would be the perfect time. The time for me to publish my idea of finding happiness. Not very long ago I realize, we don’t need to try finding our own happiness according to other people’s list. We all have unique lives. No one should be living it as a carbon copy of another life. Rather than depending on other people’s list, allow them to be an inspiration to you. You can come up with your own perfect list as you take your journey in finding your own happiness.

Yet, I have a few things that I want to share, hoping that this could inspire you to make your own pattern.

My list isn’t perfect, and I am not claiming nor pushing you to follow my list. I am just sharing with you the simplest things that makes me happy the way I am and the way my life really is.

  • Feel good about yourself. I grew up seeing other people wanting to have whiter skin and now that I have stepped out of the real world, I see a different thing. Now, I see people wanting to have a darker one. I just don’t understand. I am dark and I have bigger body structure than any other ladies out there. Yes I sometimes envy sexy ones, but at the end of the day, I have to tell myself, “I look good”. It makes me feel good and pushes me to look better the next day. You have to remember that we should be looking and treating ourselves the way we wanted to be looked at and treated.
  • Sing at the top of your lungs. You can sing well or not. Who cares? Singing can make you feel good even at the toughest times of your every day. At some point we could get stuck at the moment where you just couldn’t explain what it is that you are feeling. Go to an isolated room, or in your car, sing the hell out of it!
  • Cry hard, but smile and laugh harder. Life can be cruel and life can be unfair. Sometimes, the things we want the most are the things we can never have no matter how much we work hard for them. Yet, don’t ever forget that life is filled with much more that what you desire especially on material things. You just have to decide for yourself whether you’ll give yourself a reason to smile and a reason to be happy. Whenever we commit mistakes, we learn from them and forget them for a while. One day when we remember that one particular mistake, we can’t help but laugh about it. Laugh and be thankful on how much you’ve learned from it.
  • Dream, pray and work hard to achieve them. Dream at your sleep and dream while you are awake. Pray and have faith of the things that you aim for but work hard towards the dream transforming into nothing else but a reality.
  • Stumble. Don’t be a perfectionist. Life won’t be exciting that way cause it was never meant to be perfect. PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST. Whenever you stumble, never allow yourself to stay there. Get up, keep going and never make the same “wrong move” that made you stumble.
  • Fall in love. Chances are, you’ll have your heart be broken into pieces. It will take time to heal and you’ll fall in love once again. You might fail at some point in keeping the person you love but it doesn’t end there. The happiness that is destined for you to have will come at the right time.
  • Collect and cherish moments. Explore alone. Explore with family. Explore with friends. That’s just about it.
  • Make friends and keep them. Treat everyone as your friend. you’ll never know how much it would mean to them. I am not into the idea of determining who your real friends are and who’s not. Just as long as you remain true to them then it’s enough.
  • Forgive and move on; Apologize and move on. People make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Forget about the ego, forget about the pride. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in the pain that it caused you. Never revenge; never make the same mistake.
  • Learn. Read books. Attend seminars. Listen to audiobooks and to other people’s success stories. Allow them all to make a big impact in you.

We all have our own unique ways in finding happiness. This is mine. 🙂

A Thought on Success

It’s impossible to live without failing on something. BUT it would be more impossible to succeed without getting up and trying once again. Regardless of the number of times you try what matters the most is that you have within you the eagerness to grow and reach your goal. Success isn’t how much you earn nor what other fancy things you can buy. Success is having to know what life is about. Better yet SUCCESS is knowing within yourself that you are and will be capable to surpass all the struggles and hardships that life set in for you.

Don’t dream about having the amount of income that could buy you most of the material things. DREAM of having a life worth sharing to others that would make them get up when their down, cause at the back of their mind, they are looking back at you saying “He/She did it why can’t I”

(Just a thought)

Happy Life without Perfection

We all strive to have something that is ”IN” . Thinking it will contribute something for us to feel good about ourselves. Unless of course it’s something you’ve been wishing and working hard for ages. But then again, even if we shower ourselves with so much fancy things the world has to offer doesn’t mean that we are already living a perfect life nor a happy life.

Most of us on the other hand, are trying to improve a lot in the physical aspect, skin color, hair, teeth face and the list never ends. But being so perfect on the outside doesn’t assure you a good feeling about yourself knowing that the beautification that you have done to yourself is really you.

Or course all above stated are the things we are entitled to do by choice right?

Just this morning, I have watched a video clip from particularly tadtalks with Sam Berns who is dealing with Progeria ( I wouldn’t use the term ”Suffering”, cause he is still happy despite the condition). He is very young yet know so much bravery than any other 17 year old person would do.

He claims that he is really happy and that he does not want to receive pity from other people. I do really see that he is happy, by the way he talks, and confidently share his story to everyone. Not caring about what other people would say about him or his condition. Yes he is right, bravery does not come easy. Life doesn’t come easy as well. But choosing to be happy and looking at the positive aspect of life and situation and by endlessly looking forward would actually make things in life a whole lot easier.

During his talk, Sam shared his philosophy for a happy life;

  1. I am okay what I ultimately can’t do, because there is so much I CAN do.
  2. Surround myself with people I want to be around.
  3. Keep moving forward
  4. Never miss a party if you can help it.


Sam Berns’ story moved me and I hope it does the same to you and so much more.

Below is the link to the video that I was talking about.

A goal of a nobody’s writing

Years ago out of amusement of a colleague’s (or was it of a professor’s) intellectual capacity to write about so much in his everyday I decided to try blogging myself. Although I didn’t fell in love with it like most of writers or enthusiasts would say, I have to admit it caught a huge part of my interest and creativity (at least I believe I do have a little sense of creativity).

Never knew the whole pros and cons or history or parts of blogging but then somehow I was able to come up with a few if not many sensible write-ups myself. Backgrounds of blogging had never for once came to my interest until this very day that I came across this book, Blogging for Dummies . It awakened my senses and allowed myself think deeper within me, what is really my goal in blogging? One thing is for sure though, I was not blogging to impress. I was blogging to speak. Then comes out what I feel is my goal why I do this.

My goal was to merely crystallize my thoughts by putting them all to writing. Just as Brian Tracy mentioned to if not all, at least in most of his “Self-help Audio Programs” I’ve gone through. I guess writing or blogging is just my peaceful way to speak out what I have and want to say. Peaceful as I call it because I know there is no way that anybody and I mean anybody could / would be able to rebut on my thoughts while on the process of finishing it. I feel like I have the whole 100% of my right to speak out regardless of what I say, how I say them or how I spell them out. 

I am a nobody, but in writing down my thoughts I become somebody, even in my own little universe.


worth anything

Ever wonder why we often times spend the whole day wishing for so many things? Asking ourselves why we don’t have those certain things that we, made ourselves that they are part of our needs?


Over thinking about all those make us forget what we already have. Material aspects, they might be gone the next day but being contented within spiritually and emotionally, irreplaceable and of much more value than anything. I mean anything.

Let GO. Let GOD.1453

All of us go through a lot of storms in life without us knowing how it happened nor when will it come or go. Just as long as you know who to hold on to, and believe in yourself you’d survive everything.


As what I have learned today,

“it’s a lie to think that you’re not good enough. It’s a lie

to think that you’re not worth anything.” -NickVujicic

Bottom line.




I’ve learned not much but I can say enough about relationship than i was in .
First of all, partners are called partners because they can and should stand up for each other, if one gets weak it’s the other person who should be pulling the other up… (what do you even think the phrase, “I’ll be there for you through all ups and downs” for?)

I don’t even think it’s that necessary to say anymore that partners should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER let the other person lose his or her SELF-RESPECT.

No one has the right to tell you this, “Magtira ka sa sarili mo”. (Leave some for yourself) why? because no one knows exactly how long you can last or what more can you give. it is only you together with your heart that can tell you to stop giving too much.

No one can ever say that you’re not growing in the relationship, why? because growing doesn’t mean you can never have a fight over the simple things you encounter. remember, growing doesn’t mean you can never me childish sometime or for a certain moment in a relationship. a typical example is a young lady still having craves for colored jelly beans as she does when she was a child. she’s grown up yet she misses having some jelly beans. growing up doesn’t mean leaving everything behind.

lastly for this post but not on my learning, NO ONE CAN PUSH YOU TO GET TIRED. cause LOVING a person much more than loving yourself is just like loving yourself more and more because you are taking care of that person you love and makes you cry but smile.

let us not forget, Jesus gave up His life fofr the sake of hHis brothers and sisters, yet, he is happy knowing He saved them all from harm. it hurts to be nailed on the cross yet in heart He was happy.


Live a Good Life

would you rather lose something you already have or something you will have?

 it’s called “choice”.

which needs the right “REASON”,

and definitely does not require nor need “REGRETS”. 

Sometimes in life, what gives us all stress is the mere fact that we bother doing everything to get everything.

Makes us all forget the things we really need and what we really have

The key to “CONTENTMENT” is not gaining so much in excess of what we need.

The key is seeing the value of what we already have and making them enough for your journey to happiness. 

At the end of the day, all our wants should be set aside and soon be forgotten, not because we gave up on trying to have the “wants” but because we found both “CONTENTMENT” and “HAPPINESS” in embracing God’s gift.

it’s called “SIMPLE LIFE”

 What you’ve all just read is a very short blog post I had back in 2011 of which, the said blog was already deleted (at least that’s what I think) 

Anyhow, I’ve come to write that down out of nowhere, only with the thought and hope that I would come to live a very simple yet contented life. 

I haven’t proven that one until I’ve read Mr Bo Sanchez ‘s book (Simplify & Live a Good Life).20130604_155627

Yes I’am young, (I still believe that I am at the age of 24) and I can say this is probably the age where you’d want to have everything that you can buy in the world especially on pay days. I don’t intend to keep my hands clean at this matter but I honestly think I am not one of those people at my age or so. 

As Bo Sanchez mentioned at the book Live less & Delight in it more.

I currently live and work outside my home country but that doesn’t mean I desire for more luxurious life. It was my own choice and decision to leave my family and friends behind in my homeland because I knew within myself that there are so much more I can learn. Frankly, never was there any moment that I regret that choice I have made. I was basically the main source of headache of my parents, which I know I shouldn’t be saying but I am saying it anyway because I know that whatever I did back then that gave my parents headaches, I have come to prove myself by now. That I can stand up for my own decisions but most of all, that I can decide responsibly on and for my own life. 

I believe that if in my soul I deeply respect & value myself, people around me will sense that. They too will value & respect me-whether I’m wearing an Armani or not.

I honestly wasn’t able to say anything but to smile upon reading this one. Yes I dream about having branded bags and clothes. Yes I can afford them. But I haven’t tried purchasing any clothing or dress that would probably exceed to AED 40/= per pc. I haven’t tried and I don’t see the point in trying. 

I enjoy wearing the same stuff over and over. I enjoy wearing the rejected items from those clothes I used to sell house-to-house as an extra income. Though my mom once stopped me from doing so and she was saying that it wasn’t really necessary because what I was earning was good enough. But I knew somewhere down the line I had to do something to have extra income, because I knew what I had to learn. 

After all, I am more than the brand of my watch, logo of my shoes or the name of my car. (Simplfy) oh by the way, yes I have not-so-recently purchased a car out of what I am earning as of now but I am very proud to say that I bought a second-hand 2006 Peugeot and had ran for a massive amount of mileage already. I am happily driving it despite the fact that I have the choice to buy a brand new one and monthly pay for it for 5 years. But then that monthly amount which I’d rather send to my bank account in the Philippines would definitely save me a fortune already. At least I saw my family happy that I managed to buy a vehicle of my own without knocking down their own pockets. I thank God for that moment. 

Satisfaction is not getting what you want but wanting what you already have.

Need I say more?

Seriously at my age, I’ve learned a lot from this book exactly what I should know by now. In life, responsibility and choices. I am fortunate that I was raised by my family as I am. I never tried, not for once, to be someone I was not and that’s keeping  me simply contented with my life and what I have. 

If you think you still need a lot to know about saving up, or spending or whatever it is in life. If you think you deserve more in life, or you have a lot in life. I’m telling you this book is for you.