Years ago out of amusement of a colleague’s (or was it of a professor’s) intellectual capacity to write about so much in his everyday I decided to try blogging myself. Although I didn’t fell in love with it like most of writers or enthusiasts would say, I have to admit it caught a huge part of my interest and creativity (at least I believe I do have a little sense of creativity).

Never knew the whole pros and cons or history or parts of blogging but then somehow I was able to come up with a few if not many sensible write-ups myself. Backgrounds of blogging had never for once came to my interest until this very day that I came across this book, Blogging for Dummies . It awakened my senses and allowed myself think deeper within me, what is really my goal in blogging? One thing is for sure though, I was not blogging to impress. I was blogging to speak. Then comes out what I feel is my goal why I do this.

My goal was to merely crystallize my thoughts by putting them all to writing. Just as Brian Tracy mentioned to if not all, at least in most of his “Self-help Audio Programs” I’ve gone through. I guess writing or blogging is just my peaceful way to speak out what I have and want to say. Peaceful as I call it because I know there is no way that anybody and I mean anybody could / would be able to rebut on my thoughts while on the process of finishing it. I feel like I have the whole 100% of my right to speak out regardless of what I say, how I say them or how I spell them out. 

I am a nobody, but in writing down my thoughts I become somebody, even in my own little universe.