February 13 before 14




Just as when all seemed to be just an ordinary Thursday.

A typical, last working day of the week (for UAE) a heart warming activity was initiated by our company’s HR department. Always so dedicated in getting everybody within the company engaged with each other as colleagues and / or as friends.

APPRECIATION DAY as the call it.

It was a moment of surprise that even to simplest things you do everyday at work, someone is appreciating you as  a whole.

It was a moment of sharing what you feel towards the other. For so many years in my life, I have been celebrating Valentine’s day every 14th of February. But I never thought that 13th of February would be at any way better than the next day.

At work we tend to feel lazy at times. We tend to lose our temper at certain situation. I guess it really is just a normal thing in the corporate world.

But there is always something about you that is bound to be appreciated.
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Speak to _ _ press.

For the past years of my life that I’ve been writing and publishing the crappy things I write. The things I come up with either by stroking my pen on a piece of paper or tapping the letters on my laptop. Words not from my mind but from my heart. Probably one of the most perfect reason why I tend to make mistakes with the grammar or spelling.

It’s much easier to be yourself and say whatever your thoughts are than pretending you know everything under the sun.

I care less of what people think of what I say.
I care less of the things people may think about me because of what I say.
I speak to express and not to impress.



I’ve learned not much but I can say enough about relationship than i was in .
First of all, partners are called partners because they can and should stand up for each other, if one gets weak it’s the other person who should be pulling the other up… (what do you even think the phrase, “I’ll be there for you through all ups and downs” for?)

I don’t even think it’s that necessary to say anymore that partners should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER let the other person lose his or her SELF-RESPECT.

No one has the right to tell you this, “Magtira ka sa sarili mo”. (Leave some for yourself) why? because no one knows exactly how long you can last or what more can you give. it is only you together with your heart that can tell you to stop giving too much.

No one can ever say that you’re not growing in the relationship, why? because growing doesn’t mean you can never have a fight over the simple things you encounter. remember, growing doesn’t mean you can never me childish sometime or for a certain moment in a relationship. a typical example is a young lady still having craves for colored jelly beans as she does when she was a child. she’s grown up yet she misses having some jelly beans. growing up doesn’t mean leaving everything behind.

lastly for this post but not on my learning, NO ONE CAN PUSH YOU TO GET TIRED. cause LOVING a person much more than loving yourself is just like loving yourself more and more because you are taking care of that person you love and makes you cry but smile.

let us not forget, Jesus gave up His life fofr the sake of hHis brothers and sisters, yet, he is happy knowing He saved them all from harm. it hurts to be nailed on the cross yet in heart He was happy.


just the right wave of friendship

just the right wave of friendship
Taken at Royal Breeze, Al Hamra Village, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

A day to relax is a day bound to be share with one of a few good friends in life. A day of laughter is a day to replace a dozen of frowning, tears and downfalls from the past.

A million people can walk out on us. but only a few can stay till we get up once again from our fall.

Thank you Nick

It’s a lie to think you’re not good enough… it’s a lie to think that you’re not worth aything… (Nick Vujicic)

One of the few inspiring things I have ever encountered in my life.

So simple yet so powerful. Words from a man I have never met, yet moved a lot in my life.

See, I was never the smartest person in our class back in my school days. Though, YES, i did try everything that I can just to learn the things I know I needed to learn. I was never, even for once, a top scorer to any of our exams at school. Though YES, I did try my very best to answer them all correctly and carefully. I was never the most active person in our class during recitation although I undeniably talk a lot. I mean A LOT.

I was never the best at anything in this world. Definitely not in school, or sports, or any subjects I took.

But then again, they’re all proofs of learning and trying. I have more than once in my life accepted the fact that I wasn’t good at anything. Only after listening to Mr Nick Vujicic was I able to stop that unlawful belief about myself. Then started a new belief, that someday I will be able to do anything I want in my life, may I be good at it or not won’t matter anymore. Just as long as I let myself cease that moments where I will undeniably learn, fulfill and claim that I am living my life to the fullest.

Thank you Mr Nick.

8 years of Distance;10 years of just knowing.


My fellow Lasallians. My batchmates. A real good friend and a new bonded friend. 
One weekend not far from today. I had a few visitors from California and Dubai.
Surprisingly they were the visitors I never expected to have at my paradise home.
Rawlin is a good friend of mine back in highschool. Since she migrated to California, (I think) I never had the chance to see her or spend time with her. 
While Ivan on the other hand was just a random friend in high school as well  whom I just say “hi” or nod my head a little whenever we bump each other at the hall way of our classrooms or by the discipline office. Just a typical batchmate to make it short. 
So there it was, an afternoon to spend and have some fun with this two along with Ernan and Grace whom I also met here in UAE.
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Few bites of chicken by the Sea shore. Few gulps  of cola from the plastic cups. Few pieces of french fries. Then comes a moment of fun by the sea of such a wonderful place where I live. 
But then again, it didn’t end there. We then went on for a dip by the pool. Then it was time for the ladies to sit back and relax as the two chefs we were with do their thing at the kitchen. 
It’s one of the priceless things in life I really appreciate at that very moment. Sharing stories while having dinner and having a few drinks after. Appreciating a renewed friendship and the new ones. 
For once which hopefully won’t be the last I have shared my relaxing then with a good old friend and the new. 
I appreciated life more as I took a few relaxing moments with them. 

A Thought on Regrets and Decisions

No heart is worth breaking.

No love is worth leaving.

No past is worth forgetting but No present is worth disregarding.

All these are pointing out to one thing. That in love, we are to make choices. Choices which we just have to let the heart feel and let yourself give it a bit more thought.

At the end of the day regrets will only make your life miserable, but there will be no regrets in wise decisions.

Status: Unfinished

It hurts for everything to end in a snap, but life is a matter of learning to hold though in the end you’re just meant to let it go. Not at the time when you are both happy holding, but when you’re both strong enough to turn backs on each other. Truth is that you are strengthen by the things you went through, strengthen in a different way. Both of you learned much more at the hardest hit of pain.

As for you…

You moved on with that great anger for me ….

You moved on with that powerful pain inside you that turned you so numb.

I’ll be sorry more when i don’t see you happy even with somebody else…

I’ll be sorry more when i don’t get to see you loving even if that means loving another person.

I’ve said all my i love you to you with no hesitations.

I tend to sacrifice even the out most of my dreams.

I tried changing to be right enough for you until it wasn’t the real “ME” anymore

love was enough for us to be together yet it wasn’t enough for our forever.

you and i had those thousands of promises aloud

then again it wasn’t enough for our hearts to hear.

pain was all over us that made us fall not into the ground but out of love.

laughters came to life and made moments to treasure
followed by arguements that threw those painful words to hear
heart breaks became the ghost of confrontation and results to separation.

as for me…..

im right here…
smiling as i see you with another
i smile as my tears fall not from these eyes that looks at you
but from the heart that keeps you ’til now.

i let you go though i dont want to
it’s just that something inside knows how much pain im giving as i offer you everything…

just made tears flow even more when
i see
you found strength in my weakness
you found your happiness in my tears
you found your all when nothing was left with me

you’re not selfish
just goes to show all the things i have done
are not enough
that the love i give was not enough
worst is that i wasn’t enough

time passed by….
we are friends……….. (unfinished)