Bad Boys for Life

One heck of a movie I would say.

Released in the UAE on January 16, 2020.

Should I say that the level of the characters made it realistic. Part of the movie series, Bad Boys, the fact that it has been years since the last one was put it out in the market, the 2020 Bad Boys did face the age reality check.

Image result for Bad Boys for Life"The element of denial from Mike Lowery that there’s new stuff going on in his line and the urge of settling down from Marcus side did make sense.

Reality check ACCOMPLISHED!

Who am I to say anything negative about the characters? Besides, there’s only positive stuff to say. Jam-packed, diverse bunch of characters. I mean, hello! Who the heck would not admire the combo of Will Smith and Marin Lawrence! Kudos men!

The best supporting character for me was Armando! He carried out his character beyond words. Feeling was there. The emotions where there. Jacob Scipio, you’re officially my crush now.

Now, going back to the movie itself, I did not see the ending coming! Well hidden details. I mean who would have thought the movie would be ending the way it ended! Mike having a child! I went crazy when I discovered that so I could imagine Mike himself.

That is why Armando himself had this emotion that he could not explain whenever he encounters Mike.

Yes, there was a bit too much stabbing that had happen. But it was cool. Great mixture of English and Spanish lines that went on. But needless to say, I would recommend that you watch this movie. I have movies with so much blood going on but, I wouldn’t mind watching this over and over and over again and deal with the blood parts by covering my eyes instead.

Wonder what year the next one will be released. The ending did make it clear that there will be a next one.