Garmin Quest

Dubai Sports Council, Hatta Adventures, Garmin and Arabian Epic came together to created this exciting race format that guaranteed a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, taking participants on an adventure of biking across rugged mountainous terrain, trail running through some of the oldest inhabited lands in the UAE, and kayaking in the waters of Hatta Dam.

Garmin Quest 2020 Categories:

  • Challenger: 13 km cycling,  5.5 km running,  1 km kayaking;
  • Explorer: 27 km cycling, 10 km running, 1 km kayaking.

It will be a triathlon with a difference for sports enthusiasts who are searching for active leisure and for those who seek adventures. During the competition, participants will be able to admire the breath-taking views around the vast lake formed by Hatta and its surrounding mountains.