I didn’t know i could do it
Garmin Quest
UAE’s First and Longest Adventure Race, December 18, 2020

I did it! I soooooo did it!
Ranked 24
Adventure Race
Mountain Biking-Trail Run-Kayaking

My very first triathlon!
Nearly 20km in 2hrs.
I am not eligible for the podium since I am part of the events team and I am incapable to top the podium anyway. I haven’t mountain biked in my life (not sure if I will do anyway) and I havent had training long enough! And most of all, at the time of the triathlon, I was SLEEPLESS FOR 28hrs. Participating at the Garmin Quest was scary not only because of the things I just have said. It was scary for me because it was something I never believed I can do nor survive. At the end, I loved and laughed every minute of it. I’m not saying I’m gonna do more of it but I’m also not saying I’m not willing to try. ❤️

Thanks for everyone who encouraged me to do it. You’re all just too many to mention one by one. If you’re one of them and you happen to read this, thank you. Thank you so much for believing in me.