What you should know about being ONLINE!

0bdcfecIt’s not enough that you put your company profile on linkedin or create a page on facebook. Setting-up your twitter, instagram or youtube account is just a tiny slice of your beginning. Yes, everybody can do social media as it is. Probably most of us understand how it works. Most often than not, would only be according to ones own experience.

Common misconception about working on social media is that it is purely fun and easy. That you can sit and relax at the office and just make your brain work on what to post next. Let me speak on behalf of other social media practitioner. Yes, social media (i.e facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube, google_ linkedin etc) may sound so easy to handle, but it’s not, at least on business perspective. It isn’t taught in universities, where you can get a degree on. Yet, there’s way more things you have to learn in doing it, and when I say “doing it”, I mean doing it effectively. Dealing with your company’s social media is way harder than you think, because there’s more to it than just having online presence to support your website.

These are the things I think you have to keep in mind. Social media for your company;

  • Means, you being present on the online universe, but not in all social media channels. It’s not a requirement for you to have a profile in all social media channel you may know of. Decide, study and analyze which one of these could help you reach your market.
  • Is time consuming at least during the time that you’re venturing to this kind of universe. Simple as it may look like, to tell you the truth, it’s not. You have to constantly be active on it. In all necessary platforms. Your target market has to have that constant reminder to be much more aware as to who you are, what you do, what you have and where you are.
  • Requires constant creativity. Yup, 5 o’clock, time to drive home. Nope, it does not end there.

While it is clear that you have to be selling yourself (as a company) to the market, keep in mind that it’s not just through marketing yourself that matters to public. It’s how you cater to their interest, that would mean you, having humor or simply a “good morning” messages and so. Not only bo be remembered by what you offer but be remembered by your humor, inspiration and just by being human.

  • Not just about selling, creativity and humour. You have to have that kind of presence online that can also provide customer service.

These days, it’s not just the call center hotline that they try to raise their issues. Most of the time, they consider reaching out a company through facebook page or twitter. Of course, they would also expect a response from you addressing their concern. You wouldn’t want to upset them by having to post promotional stuff while they haven’t got any response from you regarding their complain. That would only give you a negative image.

  • Requires endless learning. Just like any other professions out there, dealing with social media would mean, you as a practitioner, to learn new things. Things that would allow you to execute your ideas efficiently and effectively. Trust me, the list is endless considering the culture of your target market and “the do’s and don’ts” and as I have said, the list goes on.

These are the things I have for now based on first hand experience. 🙂