It hurts for everything to end in a snap, but life is a matter of learning to hold though in the end you’re just meant to let it go. Not at the time when you are both happy holding, but when you’re both strong enough to turn backs on each other. Truth is that you are strengthen by the things you went through, strengthen in a different way. Both of you learned much more at the hardest hit of pain.

As for you…

You moved on with that great anger for me ….

You moved on with that powerful pain inside you that turned you so numb.

I’ll be sorry more when i don’t see you happy even with somebody else…

I’ll be sorry more when i don’t get to see you loving even if that means loving another person.

I’ve said all my i love you to you with no hesitations.

I tend to sacrifice even the out most of my dreams.

I tried changing to be right enough for you until it wasn’t the real “ME” anymore

love was enough for us to be together yet it wasn’t enough for our forever.

you and i had those thousands of promises aloud

then again it wasn’t enough for our hearts to hear.

pain was all over us that made us fall not into the ground but out of love.

laughters came to life and made moments to treasure
followed by arguements that threw those painful words to hear
heart breaks became the ghost of confrontation and results to separation.

as for me…..

im right here…
smiling as i see you with another
i smile as my tears fall not from these eyes that looks at you
but from the heart that keeps you ’til now.

i let you go though i dont want to
it’s just that something inside knows how much pain im giving as i offer you everything…

just made tears flow even more when
i see
you found strength in my weakness
you found your happiness in my tears
you found your all when nothing was left with me

you’re not selfish
just goes to show all the things i have done
are not enough
that the love i give was not enough
worst is that i wasn’t enough

time passed by….
we are friends……….. (unfinished)